Gentific™ cameras to excel imaging

Adimec’s D-12A09 and D-65A30 cameras feature optimized solutions for applications like display module (LCM) inspection, requiring a high dynamic range and an excellent performance in
measurements in the dark. Special features like image averaging, to improve signal to noise ratio and multi-exposure, to measure uniformity of a micro LED, OLED and mini LED display without
refresh rate issues, makes these cameras very suitable and cost-effective for mura in dark and Mura in bright inspections used for displays.

For manufacturers of inspection tools for LCD module and VCSEL who want want to offer inspection tools which support the end-user requirements in performance validation.

The Diamond D-65A30 is the first product of the Diamond series which supports the demanding needs for LCD module inspection in all aspects. It offers the display sub-pixel inspection accuracy optimized for a combined de-mura, dark mura and color fidelity measurements with high MTBF (no moving parts) and high framespeed.

The Gpixel GMAX3265 is a high resolution, high speed global shutter CMOS sensor with increased sensitivity compared to existing CCD and CMOS high resolution cameras

  • Has a wide dynamic range and functionality to inspect the complete display dynamic range
  • Repeatable performance
  • Global shutter @ 30 fps vs rolling shutter at < 10 fps (throughput !!)